Professional consulting assistance on ship waste management systems

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TKK Consulting Oy is an expert in ship waste management systems in Finland and internationally. We provide reliable consultant assistance in system design and implementation.

The provisions on ship-generated waste and their treatment are tightening year by year, which is important to take into account, both for ships under construction and those already in use.

Purpose-built solutions make working on ships easier

Effective waste solutions do not necessarily entail additional costs for ship owners or shipping companies. With the right systems, there are significant benefits to both waste management and on-board storage. Treated waste is also easy to transfer from ship to port. We provide truly functional solutions for ships and vessels as our experience and insight have been gained through discussions with on-board system users.

It is essential that system solutions are easy and safe to use.

The equipment must be placed in the right location and it must be the right size. This will make the most of them and improve their cost-effectiveness.

System surveying of new and old ships

Our company performs system surveying for both new ship projects and existing ships. In new ship projects, we cooperate with ship design agencies. We help them find the best solutions. We carry out surveying visits to existing ships, which enable us to propose changes and improvements for shipping companies.

We also provide official ship-specific Waste Management Plan guidelines. Contact us for more on ship waste systems! We work both in Finland and internationally.

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